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Vave Player Chat Feature

How to Start Using Vave Player Chat? 

We’re excited to introduce the Vave Player Chat feature! Here’s how to get started:


  • Log in to your account.
  • Tap the chat icon in the lower-right corner of the website or mobile app.
  • Accept the Chat Rules by ticking the checkbox.
  • Choose a unique nickname.


Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be all set to join the conversation, reply to messages, and engage with fellow players in the gaming community.

How to Change My Nickname?

Just hop into the chat feature, tap on the gear icon to open the settings, and then tap on your Profile. Here, you’ll find the option to change your nickname.

How to Block a User?

Need to block a user during your gaming session? Right-click on their nickname in the chat. A menu will pop up – from there, choose ‘Block.’ This quick step keeps your gaming chats focused and enjoyable, free from any unwanted distractions.

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